Upcoming Key Dates 

Somerset Dam trip cut off date

Booked and paid by the Friday 28th May 

General Meeting Wednesday 19th May

Guest Speaker : Wayne "Youngie" Young

               The Whiting Whisperer 

Upcoming Fishing

Inshore Fishing 7th - 8th May 

     Species Palaegic

     Back-up Whiting 

Offshore Fishing 15th - 16th May  

somerset pic.png

Inshore Fishing 22nd - 23rd May

     Species Jew

     Back-up Taylor

 Joining Our Club Is Easy

Since the early 80′s, the club catered for members of all ages with a fishing interest.  The Club has a full itinerary of scheduled events throughout the year, running three 4WD camping fishing trips during the year.   Two on North Stradbroke Island and one to Frazer Island.  We encourage a family spirit and an atmosphere of friendship and fun at all our outings.

New members 2021 are eligible for half price membership

Membership fees are Family or single: $80, Pensioners: $40 partners are free becoming members automatically. Juniors under 16yrs at sign-on (6th Feb) are free. 

Fully paid members are eligible to enter the club's inshore and offshore fishing competitions which includes both ladies and juniors categories.  Club members are partially subsidized on away fishing and social events throughout the year. 

Club meetings are held at the Club House 7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of each month visitors and guests are welcome to attend. 

Come and speak to our members or inquire to join our club using the contact page.      

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